I Hate Matt Smith

I love doctor who, but I really, really hate Matt Smith.

mattsmlth asked: maybe u should change url to ihatemoffat or something or maybe stop hating people ugh

No thanks I think I’ll hate whomever I wish. You can  try this thing called “google” to find out why matt smith is scum as well (on top of being just a terrible doctor).

wingeddestiel asked: Why do you hate matt smith?

I admit, it’s mostly Moffat that I hate.


You know what folks? Moffat’s right, women are needy.

For example, I’m in need of Moffat stepping down from any association with Doctor Who as soon as possible.

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Doctor Who Bechdel Test


There is something called the Bechdel Test. It’s a scale you run movies through to basically see how conscious of female characters they are.

The test is as follows: 1. It must have at least two named female characters. 2. They must speak to each other. 3. They must…

More about how moffat is human garbage! Hate him and hate the new who. Absolute garbage through and through.

catsweaterprincess asked: i dont understand why you hate someone enough to make your blog title this. have you even met him? do you know him at all? hes a great actor, you have no reason to hate him other than the fact that he isnt david tennant.



You know, I went through my blog (I’m guessing you must not have) and it is literally 100% tom baker.

you’re right though, it should be:

The Doctor and his many balls in their natural habitat.